Educational Programs

Destinations Academy
An Oregon accredited alternative high school serving Grades 9-12. 
  • Destinations Academy offers learning options tailored to fit students individual needs:
    • Small in-person class sizes
    • Online and in-person instruction available, including project-based and traditional learning
    • Highly qualified teachers provide individualized attention to every student.
    • Rigorous course-work ensures that all students receive a high-quality education.
    • Accelerated learning options are available to students interested in graduating early
    • The expanded options program allows students to take college courses and earn high school credit and college credit simultaneously
    • Credit recovery options allow credit deficient students to get back on track
GED Program
An in-school option for students 16 and older to prepare to take the GED tests. This program is offered through AYA.
  • Students attend class to study for the 4 GED exams in math, science, language arts, and social studies. 
  • Students are provided support by a dedicated GED teacher.
Resource Link Charter School
A homeschool option for students in grades K-12. 
  • Resource Link teachers meet with students and families
    weekly for one hour to provide educational support and
    connections to curriculum.
  • Resource Link is a K-12 charter
    school providing flexible learning experiences for elementary,
    middle, and high school students.
  • Key Characteristics
    • • Individualized curriculum based on voice and choice
      • Traditional, project-based, and online curriculum options
      • Strong relationships with students and families
      • Self-motivated independent learners with strong parental support
      • Providing a positive environment for students to achieve their best
      • Providing materials, resources, and educational support
      • Rigorous academics that challenge students where they are
      • Oregon certified teachers
      • Oversight by the charter school board