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Greg Mulkey

Principal's Message

Dear Parents, Guardians, and Students,
On behalf of the Destinations staff, we are all highly concerned about the toll COVID-19 has taken on our students and their families since the school closure in late March of last year. Fortunately, we do live in a community that is caring, and a community of people who know how to adjust during this difficult time in our lives.  Together, we will make the necessary steps to see that our children receive the best education that we can offer as the COVID-19 pandemic continues.  Our school leaders and teachers have been working together, planning for the start of school this coming September.  Currently, we are set to start the year with Comprehensive Distance Learning at Destinations.  You probably ask, what is Comprehensive Distance Learning? It is a continuation of learning online using an online platform called Edgenuity as well as through Google Classroom. For our Destinations students, school will be fairly normal, working online with the opportunity to connect with each staff member.  However, students will not be allowed to physically come to school as a group.  If a student needs individual attention, during the Distance Learning time frame, students will have the opportunity to schedule meetings with their teachers. 
Recently, I ran into a group of our Destinations students at the grocery store.  The first words from their mouths were, “Mr. Mulkey, are we going to be able to come back to school?”  I chuckled a bit, and at the same time was pleased to hear that from these three students.  We all know being at school is much more than reading, writing and doing arithmetic.  It is the social interactions, mental health, discipline and relationships that are so important in our everyday life.  These three expressed how much they want to physically return to school.  It was not easy for me to say that, unfortunately at this time, we will continue with school as we left off last June.  
We will keep a positive outlook with hopes that school will return to normal as soon as possible. Until that time, the Coos Bay Schools and Destinations staff will be there to help our students and families to the best of our ability under these unusual circumstances.  Destinations students’ registration packets have been mailed home.  If you have not returned the packet to your school, please do so as soon as possible. If you did not receive a packet, please contact us starting August 24th.
Again, on behalf of Destinations staff, we look forward to working with all of you as the 2020-21 school year begins in a few weeks.
Greg Mulkey,
Destinations Principal

Recent News

Superintendent Update: Mask Mandate

In accordance with the OHA lifting of the state-wide indoor mask mandate, we will be lifting the mask mandate beginning March 12 in the Coos Bay School District. Masks will become optional at that time.

March 3, 2022 Superintendent Update

In a state-wide meeting yesterday with ODE, there was clarification on changes to the Resiliency Framework due to the Mask Mandate going away on March 12th.