Superintendent Update: County Case Counts Trending in Right Direction, Media Quote Correction, and Anticipated ODE Guidance Timeline for Next Year

May 13, 20201

Dear Coos Bay Schools Families and Community,

The latest case numbers were posted and our county has continued to trend in the right direction. We are now down to 68 cases per 100,000 residents. We have also seen a decrease in the cases impacting our schools. As of right now, we have just a few individuals quarantined due to cases outside of our schools.

I would like to take this opportunity to clarify the local KVAL news quote that was attributed to me. The reporter quoted me as saying there was not a need for our district to host a vaccine clinic. The actual quote with all the context was “ we were approached by Coos Health and Wellness about using our MHS main gym as a vaccine clinic site. We agreed to do that but in the end, CHW selected the Fire Station to do the clinic. So we were not needed at this time.” I never said we do not have a need to vaccinate our students. I said “at this time it appears we do not have a need to host an event as our community appears to be keeping up with the demand. We will continue to cooperate with CHW for any future clinics.

ODE is working on guidance for next school year. They will have the first draft out the first week in June. We are anxiously looking forward to what that guidance looks like so we can plan for the 2021-22 school year. I am committed to doing all we can to get our students back full-time next Fall. Let’s all commit to continuing the public health safety protocols to keep our case numbers going down.

Bryan Trendell
Coos Bay Public Schools